Benefits of Membership

There are many, many different reasons a company or individual would benefit from membership in the Home Builders Association of York County.  Whether you're looking to network with other professionals, protect the homebuilding industry through interaction with government bodies and elected officials, need insurance or health coverage, like saving money on items you already buy, or any number of other reasons, the HBA of York County  is for you.  Here's a look at some of the benefits of membership:

Three-for-One Membership

When you join the HBA of York County, you're also joining the HBA of South Carolina and the National Association of Home Builders.  You'll have opportunities and benefits from all three organizations throughout the year.  Plus, you'll be represented in local, state and national governmental affairs programs as well.

Insurance and Warranties

We think about all areas of the home building business. Be part of a group health insurance plan. Get competitive workers' comp insurance. Invest in a home buyer warranty.  You'll get great opportunities by working with fellow members and through HBA programs.

Government Affairs

With your support and feedback, our staff lobbies on all levels of government on your behalf to protect affordable housing and your business. We host many events, fundraisers and other opportunities for members to meet candidates and support those who support our industry. Of course, just being a member and lending your reputation to the organization helps tremendously.

Events and Networking

Members have plenty of chances to meet and learn from other members from the York County area, across the state, and around the nation at HBA and NAHB events. As a member, you can attend a General Membership Meeting or other large-scale meeting every month.  There are also opportunities to serve on one of our committees.

Continuing Education

Coming Spring 2015!

In addition to learning from your peers through meetings, events and networking, we will be  providing continuing education to help you grow your business.  Look forward to additional information coming soon!

Discounts for Members

Because our local, state and national associations have many members, we also have bargaining power with companies.  By joining the HBA, you reap the benefits from these partnerships.  Take advantage of our membership in National Purchasing Partners program and the NAHB Member Advantage Program.  The HBA of South Carolina also has a Builder Member Rebate Program that helps builders and remodelers get cash back on products that they may already be using.  Best of all, this is all included in your membership at no extra charge.

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